Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2000-02-13-txt

Setting: HQ

Pothead1: Hey dudette. Ethernet-R-Us. You want Cat-3 or Cat-5?
Tami: Like, they don't allow pets in the building....
Mike: I'll take it form here.... Here's the wiring diagram, guys.
: And guys... watch out for that 20 Kilovolt mains up in the ceiling. It's a big green wire....
(Potheads smoking)
Pothead1: Man, this is some good stuff.
Pothead2: Heheh. Heheh.
Pothead1: Dude, I wonder what this wire does....
(Pothead is electrocuted.)
(We see a scorch mark on the floor next to the chalk outline.)
Mike: Smoking Kills.
Bob: I don't want to know.