Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2000-12-24-txt

Location: Tech Magazine

Narrated by Mike::

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through Tech Mag, lots of weirdos were stirring and Bob was in drag.

When out on the sidewalk there arose such a clatter, I stopped my "coding" to see what was the matter. (Mike is asleep at the keyboard.)

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature sleigh with a 6-pack of beer.

He picked our front door lock and I knew he had been a criminal once, I thought with a grin.

So quickly, he left some gifts under the tree. He left the milk and cookies and took a laptop spree.

And he lit his cigar with our petty cash, then sprung into his getaway car with a dash.

So Kelly and I went back to our chairs with hopes that the real Santa Claus might someday come there....

And we heard him exclaim 'ere he drove out of sight... "Merry Christmas to all and thanks for the light...."