Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2001-02-14-txt

Location: A Restaurant

Beth: So I can't believe you planned our first real date on Valentine's day.
Mike: It just seemed right.
Beth: And the flowers.... You're so sweet. But Valentine's day is just a holiday made up by the card companies.... Why all the fuss?
(Mike stares.)
Beth: I'm sorry. That was a little mean. You went to a lot of trouble.
Mike: That's not what bothers me, Beth. I was just thinking about my coworkers.
Beth: It kind of sucks to be alone on Valentine's day.
Mike: They don't have to be.
: Hey, Bob. How'd you like to come to our Valentine's party tonight?
Bob: Party? Sure. Where?
Mike: It's at the office. The whole gang'll be there.
(The whole gang.)
Mike: You see, Beth, Valentine's Day is more than just candy and cheezy cards. It's about being with the people you care about.
Beth: Wow, you're sweeter than I thought.