Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2003-03-16-txt

Location: Hacker High School Gymnasium

(We see the outside of Hacker High School.)

(We now see the inside of the school gym.)
Principal: Students, faculty, and staff of Hacker High,
we are here to mourn the loss of one of our own.
(Caption: The School Gymnasium)

Principal (cont'd): Angela Wallace was a straight-A student at
the top of her class.
(Caption: Principal John Violinist, Presiding)

Principal (cont'd): She played in the band, acted in the school musical,
and served on the student council...

Principal (cont'd): but what I think we'll remember most about Angela is
that she was a kind person who cared about others.

Principal (cont'd): So in memory of her life and in honor of the lives that
she touched with her kindness and generosity...

Principal (cont'd): I hereby declare that from this day forward,
the second day of March will be known as Angela Wallace Day
here at Hacker High.

(We see a tombstone. The caption is:

Here lies
Angela Michelle Wallace
April 1, 1986 - Mar. 2, 2003

'Til I see you again,
I'll be lost without a prayer---
'til I hold you in my arms again
and run my fingers through your hair---
and I'll always remember
how you never gave in
until the day when I'm with you again.

and the tombsone is set against a blue sky.)