Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2001-10-07-txt

Location: Flower Shop

Cashier: This... this THING broke into our store last night.
: It... it erased our cash registers... or something....
(The "RGB" brand cash register says, "The program register.exe issued an illegal instruction and has been terminated.")
Cow: Hello, my name is Clarice, the talking cow.
: You killed my half brother. Prepare to vi.
Cop: Clarice Vine, sister of Clarus alias Bo Vine, you're under arrest.
Computer: But the dogcow told me to do it.
Cop: We'll get him out of here real soon, ma'am.
: And she's a cow. Her BROTHER was half dog.
Computer: Son of a....

(Author's note, technically, Clarus was a she, but after she was drummed out of the Icon Garden, she took on a new identity....)