Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2001-12-25-txt

Location: Mike's House.

Santa: Hi. I belive you have my Rudolph?
(Gratuitous full-color image of Mike's truck impaled by the fake Rudolph.)
(We see the lawyer standing in front of an American flag, looking "Presidential".)
Lawyer: We at Tech Magazine would like to apologize for the last frame.
(We see the "North Park Kids", who look disturbingly like their neighbors from South Park (tm), Colorado.)
Lawyer: We strive to be a family-friendly comic strip.
: Unfortunately, lower than desired ratings have forced us to include occasional graphic violence.
: We particularly apologize for its appearance in a Christmas strip.
: To make up for this unfortunate mishap, we bring you a special full-color Christmas cell.
(We see Santa's feet sticking out from under the back of Mike's truck.)