Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2002-04-28-txt

Location: Academic Speakers Hall Parking Lot

(Subtitle: Later That Evening....)
(Mike, Bob, Dave, and Kelly are leaving together.)
(Mike is walking by a brick wall.)
(Mike walks up to his car and sees something yellow on his windshield.)
Mike: What's this?


You are in violation of the University of California, Santa
Cruz Parking Regulations and/or the California Vehicle
Code.  The Specific violation(s) and amount due are
indicated below.

Payment or request for review is required within 21
days.  Failure to respond within this time period may
result in additional penalties.

(Bar code)
Citation: UC:003825968 Date: 04/28/2002 Time: 2:00 AM Officer: BILLY BOB ID: PK666 Agency: PARKING ENF Beat 24 Loc: N Parking Structure Viol: 38 UC Desc: Altered Parking Permit Fine: $ 125.00

Bob (in front of brick wall): Hey, Mike, what's wrong?
(Mike stands next to his car in the parking lot.
We see the parking enforcement officer far off in the distance.)
Mike: They gave me a $125 ticket claiming my permit was "altered.
Why would they think I altered a free permit that I filled out myself?
(We see a parking enforcement officer with dark glasses and a white cane with a red tip.)