Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2002-06-30-txt

Location: Board Room

(The doors to the board room. Above the doors is enscribed
"Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here". To the left is a
placard with Romeo's famed soliloquy from William Shakespeare's
Romeo and Julet, i.e. "But soft, what light through yonder
window breaks....")

Lawyer: So what do you make of this Tech Magazine?

Chairman: It's a tax writeoff.

Lawyer: How do you figure?

Chairman: We sink our investors' money into a worthless magazine.

Chairman: Then we run out of money and write it off our taxes.

Chairman: The best part is that we pay the employees in worthless options.

Chairman: Then when they pay for the options, we use the money to buy new cars.