Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2002-12-15-txt

Location: Tech Magazine Commons

(Tami is standing in front of the company.)
Tami: I have an announcement. Due to staffing cutbacks, we won't
make our January deadline unless we all buckle down and work on
Christmas eve. I'm sorry to have to do this to you at the last minute.

(Mike and Kelly are standing in front of a Geek Cola machine.)
Mike: She's crazy. We ALWAYS slip January.
Kelly: Yeah. What crawled up her butt?
Mike: Somebody should teach her a lesson.

(We see Kelly's ghost stanging beside Tami's bed.)
Kelly (as a ghost): Tami Fullerton, you have been found wanting.
Tami: Buh buh buh but I... I....
Kelly: Starting at Midnight, you will be visited by
four ghosts.

Kelly (as a ghost): The Geeks of Christmas Past, Present,
Future, and one that's too horrible to mention.
Tami: But how will I recognize them?
Kelly: You'll see....