Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

Tech Magazine for 2002-12-25-txt

Location: Tech Magazine office

(Bob's ghost, the ghost of Christmas Past, is standing in front
of the christmas tree.)
Bob: Last year, we delayed the January edition a week to keep
from working Christmas.

(We see last year's party.)
Bob (cont'd): Everyone was happy. Even you enjoyed the Christmas party.

(Dave's ghost, the ghost of Christmas Present, stands beside
Tami's bed.)
Dave: This year, Mike is having to work long hours to pay for his
daughter's medicine...

(We see Mike in a fruit hat and a flower shirt in the office,
and a cutaway to a young girl with no hair lying in bed.)
Dave (cont'd): while she sits at home alone sick with Leukemia.

(We see Rich's ghost, the ghost of Christmas Future.)
I'm here to show you your future if you don't mend your ways...
and to introduce you to your fourth ghost.

(We see Tami in front of a tombstone at night.)
Tami: I can't quite read the inscription. It's too fuzzy.

(The tombstone is almost readable. We see an arm with pink
and purple striped leggings and a white gloved hand reaching
up from the grave towards Tami's leg.)

(Things are clearer now. We see a fruitcake with the words
"Merry Christmas 2001" written on it. The tombstone is now
clearly visible, and reads:

Here Lies
Holiday Fruitcake

Made:  Dec. 20, 2001
Moldy: Feb.  1, 2002
The fruitcake has legs like User Friendly's "Dust Puppy", arms covered in
what appear to be pink and purple striped leggings, and white gloved hands
that look suspiciously like the Hamburger Helper hand, minus the face.)