Tech Magazine: The Comic Strip

By David A. Gatwood

About the Extras

(Note: this is not a complete list.)

Academic Speaker Guy
Academic Speaker: President Alexia Bernadin of Posteria
"Airline Dork"
Artwork: "The Block Head" (Dave's cubist period)
Artwork: The Farmer
Artwork: "Picture Girl"
The "Big Boss", Tami's dad
Bob's Wife
Local Cop #1
Cashier (Flower Shop)
Bo Vine (the cow)
Crook dressed as Santa
"Horny Little Devil"
Hospital Receptionist
The Inspector
The Judge
Potential Juror #1
Potential Juror #2
Potential Juror #3
Jury Lady
Protesters, Pot Heads, etc.
(i.e. Random bit parts)
Movie Assistant
Movie Director
Mutant version of the corporate lawyer
O'Santa bin Clausin'
The potted plant
The Psychiatrist
The Thanksgiving Turkey
The "UPS Guy"
Willy, host of "Accent Hollywood"
Celebrity guest: Former President Clinton
Celebrity guest: "North Park Kids"
Celebrity guest: "W"
Celebrity guest: Janet Reno
Celebrity guest: Arnold Schwartzenegger
Celebrity guest: William Shatner

Additional cast members will be introduced in the future....


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