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  Per the "unwritten" 3-day rule (which basically says that we won't put up a strip unless it will be up for at least three days except during the holiday season), Tech Magazine will not be seen this Sunday in order that we may bring you a typically off-our-rocker April 1st edition on Tuesday.

As this is in line with our standing policy for special strips, this is not a hiatus, and thus the front page will not change today (Sunday). Instead, last week's strip will be shown for two extra days and Tuesday's strip will be shown for two less days.

  This week's Tech Magazine strip proved entirely too complex to finish in a single Saturday and still have time to work on my other projects.. I'm considering taking a personal day from work on Monday to get caught up with things, in which case, I would expect to finish it and have it on the web on Tuesday. Failing that, it will be up next Sunday. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  Tech Magazine is on emergency hiatus. One of our servers lost a hard drive during the week. It didn't contain any important data, but it was a wakeup call. As a result, I'm pretty desperate to get our backup solution in place and actually running. I got about 80% of the work done on Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday, so I hope to still do our traditional Valentine's day strip.

Because of our standing policy, Friday's strip will take the place of next Sunday's strip, which will give me the rest of next weekend to finish that other 20%. See you Friday.

  This week's strip is dedicated to those who lost their lives aboard the space shuttle Columbia yesterday, aboard various airplane test flights, and aboard the Challenger and Apollo missions, 17 and 36 years ago, respectively, almost to the day--to those who made the ultimate sacrifice--who gave their lives that we might soar. May their courage inspire us, and may their deaths be not in vain.

If you find debris from Columbia, do not go near it. It may contain toxic substances. Instead, call (281) 483-3388. If you have pictures or video clips that may help in determining the cause of this tragedy, please see the instructions on NASA JSC's web site at

For more information, please see NASA's Columbia web site at or follow the coverage by your choice of news outletts..

  The extended hiatus has continued much longer than originally planned. I finished the first draft of my novel a couple of weeks ago, and I've been working on folding in a couple of rather large additional plot lines. I nearly doubled the length of the novel in the process.

I'm finishing the last handful of additions... hopefully this evening, but at worst sometime during the week, which means that Tech Magazine will return on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2003. Hope you enjoy where this story goes from here.

  Apologies for the extended hiatus and the diminished strips over the holidays. For the bulk of the holiday season, I was in bed sick with pneumonia. I managed to force my head clear just enough to get a couple of critical strips out over the break, but otherwise tried to rest. I was still not feeling well last week.

This weekend, I won't be posting a strip because I needed a weekend to work on all my other projects that ALSO got delayed for the vacation. I'm currently buried in moving from a first draft to an actual working draft of a sci-fi novel. It seemed a little short, so I'm folding in some additional back-story that I had originally omitted. I hope to have this process completed this weekend, and expect the comic strip to return on January 19th.

  There's no Tech Magazine this week due to circumstances beyond our control. The laptop used for the strip suffered a screen failure, and the backup laptop didn't have PhotoShop on it yet.
  This week's strip is dedicated to those who lost their lives a year ago today, and to those who grieve their passing. We at Tech Magazine remember Sept. 11th. With all peace-loving people of the world, we mourn with you.
  Welcome to the new, improved Tech Magazine. Thanks to our friends at User Friendly (and a few days of perl hacking), we now have a working comments system. While it has been tested somewhat in an off-line capacity, it still may have quirks. Please report any bugs to
  Tech Magazine is on a one week vacation while I try to catch up from two church gigs, two dress rehearsals, and two wind ensemble concerts (and that's all in the last two weeks). By the time next weekend rolls around, we should be back to being several weeks ahead. We'll also transition to the new web server and site design for next week's strip, assuming all goes well. More details later.

  This week's strip is dedicated to the memory of Chuck Jones, who passed away on Friday. Unfortunately, we got this information too late to do a tribute strip.

Chuck Jones was one of the creators of such lovable characters as Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, and many others. He made over 300 animated films during his 60 year career, including the ever-popular "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", which was recently made into a live-action movie with Jim Carey.

Throughout his career, Chuck Jones made millions laugh throughout good times and bad. He will be sorely missed.

Chuck Jones

  Releasing early so that it goes up on the web site before the end of Groundhog Day (today). I'm not doing another strip in the current story arc this week, as I spent all my free time this week working on the archive.

  More improvements to the archive. Once I've finished filling in all the files, there will be a description and complete text for each strip. Note that if there's no description, the complete text isn't there yet, either, so don't bother clicking. I'll be putting these in over the next few evenings until they're all there. I'd have done more, but it took the whole evening to get the CGI exactly right.

  Check out our newly enhanced archive. No more looking at a list of hundreds of strips. It's divided by year, and you can go from one strip to the next without going back to the list. It's not perfect, but it's a whole lot better....

Oh, and a cool news item. This web site has seen 1,000 unique visitors this month! I nearly fell off my chair! (Oh, and in case you're wondering, only two or three of them are me. ;-) More details soon.

  Due to a small typo, the strip didn't go up today. I've manually corrected the problem, and we're proud to bring you the 2002 season.

  Tech Magazine is on hiatus. The holiday season put us behind somewhat because color strips take many extra hours. While we catch our breath, enjoy the Tech Magazine archive. The 2002 season premiere of Tech Magazine will begin on Sunday January 20.

Who will take the place of Tami while she tries to act? What about the second AI? And what really happened to Bo Vine? Will Dave ever find true love? Will Beth marry Mike, or will things get weird again? We'll find out the answers to these questions and more this year in Tech Magazine.

  Apologies for not releasing a strip last weekend. Too busy with rehearsals for Wind Ensemble. We're back.

  This week's strip will go live on Thanksgiving day (Thursday) instead of today (Sunday).

  Apologies for the strip not showing up today. The strip is updated by a cron job that runs in the middle of the night, and I didn't realize that it had already run when I uploaded the strip at 1:15 this morning. (The cron job runs at 1:02 a.m.) I've manually installed the new strip.

  Due to some extra demands on my time for the past two weeks, I'm behind on drawing strips. I have a couple of strips ready to post, but they won't make sense until after the current story arc (the break-in) runs its course, and the next strip in this arc isn't finished. We will resume regular weekly posting next week.

  Tech Magazine will be delayed one day this week. We are doing a special strip in light of recent events, and we need the extra day to put on a few finishing touches.

  Apologies for not pushing a strip this week. I have been on vacation with very limited net access. The strip that would have run last week will run tomorrow. Now to read a week and a half of email.... :-|

  I can't finish the last few tweaks on this week's strip because I'm completely out of hard drive space and Photoshop won't let me open the file. I have a new hard drive arriving later today, so this should just be a minor delay. My DSL modem should also arrive today, which will help.

  Okay, it's official. I just uploaded the first in a series of new strips. It will appear on the site this Sunday. This week, Tech Magazine gets evicted.

  "Week or two" turned into a month because I still don't have DSL at my new place and got laid off from work, making network access difficult. Today, I started in a new job at Apple... as a tech writer. I expect to have a new strip up this Sunday, or at the latest, a week from Sunday.

  As you have noticed, Tech Magazine has been on extended hiatus during the "crunch phase" of my Master's thesis in computer science. Things are going to be nuts for another week or two, but I felt that I owed TM's readers an explanation for its continued absence. We'll be back before you know it.

  Tech magazine was delayed slightly because the dialup connection I was using in Tennessee wouldn't let me connect on Sunday (or Saturday or...). Now that I'm safely back on wireless ethernet here in CA, I've uploaded the next month's worth of strips, with another half a month or so in progress.

  Okay, so I lied. I've been hopelessly behind in two major projects and in my schoolwork. Since this is finals week, and since I will be out of town next week, Tech Magazine will officially return on Sunday, March 25.

  So much for getting ahead. I've spent the entire weekend trying to bring this web server up into the 21st century due to the sudden realizatioin that it was a security hole waiting to happen. We're on hiatus for at least another week. Hopefully, this will be the last week for a while.

  In case you hadn't figured it out, we're on hiatus this week for Presidents' day and lack of time. This weekend, I'm planning to get ahead a few weeks.

  Author's note: In case you were wondering, my V-Day was spent watching reruns of Star Trek Voyager and working on my master's thesis research. Here's hoping my readers had a happier Valentine's Day. And yes, I did draw this from midnight to 2:30 this morning. Thanks for asking. ;-)

  This week's Tech Magazine is dedicated to the memory of Phillip Ralston, my fraternity brother and friend. I found out yesterday evening that he died in a car accident Friday. He will be greatly missed.

  The network problem has been corrected. We suspect that they may have been caused when a firewall lost power due to a rolling blackout. We have moved the server to a different network which is working correctly and do not anticipate further problems.

  Due to network problems we are on hiatus this week. This week's comic will appear on the 28th. Too bad, too. The whole inauguration thing had so much comic potential.